What is Dream Dialogue ?

Dream Dialogue is the particular style of dream work that Machiel Klerk has developed. At the heart of this method, one engages with dream beings and opens up this (dense) reality in order to experience a melting with the world of dream. This allows for the creative flow of life to stream through us and generate a sense of flourishing and fulfillment.

Machiel Klerk travels the world to explore and work with different peoples and their unique traditions of working with dreams. Out of these experiences he has crafted his method of Dream Dialogue. Which is both unique and at the same time deeply rooted in some of the great dream traditions of the world such as those from Africa, Tibet, and influenced by the western shaman Carl Jung, and of course, Rumi. Machiel is a licensed therapist, founder of both the Jung Society of Utah and the Jung Platform, and a dream worker.

Critics Say

"A Masterpiece. His thinking is brilliant and provocative!"

"A thin line lies between dreams and poetry. Machiel Klerk is an inspiring guide for working with one’s dreams. Highly recommended."

"Clear and illuminating"