cd-imageAudio talk: Rumi and the World of Dream
By Machiel Klerk, LMFT
Intro and bonus feature by Coleman Barks

About the CD:

In Rumi and the World of Dream, Machiel Klerk wonderfully leads the listener through the multiple levels of reality in which we live our lives: this present, tangible world, the ephemeral but revelatory world of dreams, and the many transactions which link them together. Using the intuitive insights of the poet Rumi and many other sources, Klerk blends his own insights and exercises into a clear exposition of the importance of our dreams, how we may access their wisdom, and render more conscious the deeper currents which course through our daily lives.
-James Hollis, Ph. D., Jungian analyst and author of Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

Length: approx 40 minutes. Incl. an 11 minute bonus feature by Coleman Barks

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About the Author:

Machiel Klerk travels the world to explore and work with different peoples and their unique traditions of working with dreams. Out of these experiences he has crafted his method of Dream Dialogue. Which is both unique and at the same time deeply rooted in some of the great dream traditions of the world such as those from Africa, Tibet, and influenced by the western shaman Carl Jung, and of course, Rumi. Machiel is a licensed therapist, founder of both the Jung Society of Utah and the Jung Platform, and a dream worker.

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I have truly enjoyed your new release CD. You speak authentically about your experience which allows it to become my awareness. The awareness to acknowledge and invoke both the physical and dream world. Both are true. It has been amazing to consciously play.


Machiel! …So many things I liked about your CD. The Rumi piece you picked is so beautiful and proved to be a wonderful foundation for your premise. I love the time you spend in the beginning validating the world of dream….as this is so basic in creating a relationship with the dream world. I feel like the repetition of the poetry combined with your thoughtful analysis was very effective at simplifying some very abstract concepts! You made this so basic and easy to understand…this is an excellent intro to dreams and also a bridge to understanding the ‘dense reality’. Which brings me to my favorite part, the exercise at the end: looking at dense reality as a dream. This was amazing as it altered my consciousness instantly and perfectly demonstrated the fluidity of which you spoke. My experience was that of WONDER. It also made me question deeply the way I perceive dense reality and why. Just a few of my thoughts.. Thank you for sharing your genius!

Pamela Thompson

Hello Machiel! I just finished listening to your beautiful CD and loved it! You presented the information clearly and led with organized, understandable ease. The CD is wonderful for taking abstract concepts and making them accessible for the layman. It is with your natural gift as one who grasps abstract complexities with ease- perceiving things on a deeper level and also simultaneously being able to empathize and understand a myriad of thoughts and ideas coming from all those around you- that you are able to meet your listener where they are and gently introduce and transport them into a new fantastic world; their world. You bring each his own individual clarity and authentic vision to the microcosm of their psyche, and thus we begin seeing ourselves and our co-created journey and the meaning thereof in a whole new way. The possibilities are endless! Your fun and helpful descriptions of the exercises you have suggested in the CD are easy to do yet very effective as they engender insight into the self as well as the collective and are applicable for each individual respectively for future reference… And when followed properly, these guided experiences never become old or stale, but constantly renew our internal world, birthing it over and over into new realms of self-knowledge and insight- all with our own meaningful envisaged content. Your CD is a most wonderful and treasured addition to my library! Thank you so much Machiel!


I wanted to express my appreciation for this cd. I feel like I have new tools to work with my dreams. Rather than just immediately trying to interpret my dreams up on waking, I am now open to starting a dream dialogue and gaining a different perspective to dream world and my ‘dense reality’. I loved that you used the Rumi poem throughout the cd, and the exercises are exactly what I needed to begin a new relationship with my dream work. Also, the insights you pulled from people and traditions on dreams from all over the world were also inspiring.


This CD gave me a new approach and perspective to dream work. It’s exactly what I needed to hear at the right time.

Jennifer Smith

Machiel’s approach towards working with dreams is both practical and profound. I really enjoyed listening to this CD and intend to listen to it several more times as I embark on my own dream work. I also really enjoyed the bonus feature by Coleman Barks. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is interested in exploring dreams.


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